Personalized Medical Care Options

Oakmont’s partnership with Dr. Bob brings personalized medical care to our residents.

Dr. Bob’s smaller, more intimate medical practice allows you to enjoy direct access to a physician who knows and cares about you. Dr. Bob takes the extra time to provide you with more personal attention and a variety of extra services to improve your healthcare experience. Dr. Bob has a passion for caring for seniors and a special appreciation for their life stories.

Concierge Services

• Same-day and next-day appointments
• Generous length visits
• Access to Dr. Bob 24/7
• On-site appointments at Oakmont’s Wellness Center
• Extensive preventative care and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
• Enhanced referral network and coordination of appointments with specialists


Robert S. Taylor, M.D. – “Dr. Bob”

General Practice and Senior Federal Aviation Medical Examiner “Everybody is treated as a member of the family.”

Your Personal Healthcare Team

Dr. Bob works in a collaborative partnership with Oakmont’s Health Services Director and care team, creating a unified team approach to your health and wellness.

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