Benefits of Assisted Living in Roseville, CA.

If your senior loved one is struggling with living alone, or requiring more care than family members can provide, an assisted living community could be an ideal solution. Choosing a community can be challenging. As a caregiver, your loved one’s health, happiness and safety are likely a priority. For many seniors, the move to a community is relieving; there are no more worries about getting help at a moment’s notice or struggles with loneliness. The right assisted living community will provide your loved one with a safe and secure setting, plenty of support and regular activities and outings.

Determine your Needs

Each senior has different needs and levels of mobility; knowing what your loved one can and can’t do and the amount of care they will require is a good starting point. Healthy, active seniors who are no longer able to cope with the burden of living alone will need a different level of care than those struggling with more profound health issues or memory loss. Knowing what your loved one needs in terms of care and socialization will help you as you review your options.

Discuss it with your Loved One

Discuss your loved one’s preferences with them. Learn what they would most like to get from an assisted living community and ask if they have any concerns. In some cases, elderly parents have an outdated view of what assisted living is like and could be worried that they will not be able to do all of the things they currently enjoy. Others are worried about costs, retaining independence, and remaining close to family. Having these conversations will allow you to determine the features that are most important to your loved one as you search for them.

Visit in Person

Once you have uncovered the things that matter most, narrow down your options. Visit any community you are considering for an official tour. Those that are at the top of your list of choices should be visited several times so you can see what the place is like in the evening, on weekends and during the day. Take the time to talk with residents and make sure you visit any recreational areas to familiarize yourself with amenities. You’ll feel better seeing the place in person and getting a good sense of what the community is like.

Observe the Staff and Residents

Ideally, you’ll have some time to spend simply visiting the communities you are considering. While you’ll be sure to get a warm welcome and an official tour guide, you can discover a lot about how a community works simply by observing the residents in action. Ideally, you’ll see caring, engaged employees who truly enjoy the residents in their care. This is also a good time to note the cleanliness of the space and discover how engaged the seniors are in activities. Bustling activity rooms with games, crafts and conversations signify an engaging program. The more you observe, the more you’ll know about the community you are considering.

Ask Questions

Choosing a community for your loved one is a big step. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the decision-making process. Most caregivers share the same concerns you likely have about safety, security, social life, health and more. Get to know the staff who will be responsible for your parent or loved one’s wellbeing to ensure you feel comfortable with them and trust them.

The right community will be welcoming, provide a variety of activities at the right ability level and offer your loved one a sense of community. Once you’ve selected the perfect assisted living community in Roseville, you will have unsurpassed peace of mind, knowing your parent or loved one is safe, secure and living life to the fullest.