For many of those who take on cooking as a passion in life, the inspiration to cook started when they were young and can hold a sense of nostalgia for some. That is the case of accomplished Executive Chef and Food Network Champion, Rina Younan. Cooking with her father inspired her to chase a dream and create amazing dishes in restaurants all over California. Rina took her love for cooking to the next level, adding a competitive edge that has taken her on an amazing culinary journey through some of the toughest food network competition shows.

Chef Rina won in the third season of “Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell” and just recently won her competition on “Cut Throat Kitchen” with celebrity chef and judge Alton Brown. Chef Rina has received accolades from some of the best in the business and she sat down with host Rafael Siegel to share her experience both on screen and off, and gave advice to those maybe looking to start their own culinary careers. Chef Rina also prepared a delicious short rib recipe.

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